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Live Q&A #72 Why people block out serial numbers when selling guitars online?

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Why people block out the serial number when selling guitars online?



Question Index

0:00 Intro and thank you to the Friends of KYG
3:45 Thoughts on my old PRS 513 and now 509
5:39 Boss RV6
7:18 The Rob Chapman Music Man factory video was great
12:18 Why I think Eddie Van Halen left Music Man?

15:38 Why people block out the serial number when selling guitars online?

19:23 Thoughts on 80s USA made Peavey guitars
21:39 Do you think Fretboard radius is important for speed?
22:56 Will a PRS USA switch work on a PRS SE?
25:21 What pedal do I like more than the SL drive?
26:43 You Tube gear reviews can prompt you to buy and not buy gear
29:00 Upgrades on the Sterling St Vincent
31:35 sometimes it is time to leave. lol
32:58 Do I have a Diamond guitars?
35:28 You should do a Warmoth build
37:08 The July shirt and another shirt
37:44 I have stickers now
38:54 Guitar with floating tremolo for metal and jazz under 1k?
41:30 The Restring clinic in AZ and others are just finishing up the dates
45:44 How will the New Fender Players Series effect used Fenders?
52:33 Tim Shawbucers in a Tele, thoughts?
53:37 Why you should leave your guitar alone until you know it inside and out
56:20 Jackson VS PRS S2? US vs Indonesia?
59:57 What do I think of Yousician?
Please put suggestions and thoughts
1:03:21 Is it a good idea to trade a guitar into Guitar Center?
1:06:10 Dead frets, do it yourself or take it to a pro?
1:07:45 The Alice Cooper Rock Solid Foundation
1:10:01 Best way to clean electronics in your guitar?
1:11:50 Fender Pro, MM Cutlass, or Classic Suhr?
1:13:07 Helix or Headrush?
1:15:49 Shout out to KYG Friends
1:16:34 What picks do I use?
1:17:15 Do better transformers make a difference in amp

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